A 501(C)(3) corporation Dedicated to finding permanent and loving homes
for neglected,and/or abused Doberman Pinscher dogs.

Doberman Pinscher Rescue & Referral
of Michigan
Doberman Pinscher Rescue & Referral of Michigan is run by a group of dedicated volunteers.
We pride ourselves on our ability to have new homes ready and waiting for our rescued Dobes.
Our volunteers have over 100 years of combined Doberman Experience.
Leyna, formerly Aliejah had a
very busy day this past
Saturday. Leyna left a home
where she was a little too much
for the family, stayed at John's
home for the afternoon playing
and meeting the neighbors.
That evening Leyna's new
family came to meet and take
her home. Once there Leyna got
to meet Rocky, one of our
Rescues that the family adopted
last year. They made friends
almost immediately even
though Leyna looks a little
happier than her new brother
Rocky. Have a wonderful life