If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went
* Will Rogers




Anya has found her forever home. Anya's new family wanted a young female that would keep their
current 2 year old black Dobe Harley, in line. Anya wasted no time at all taking possession of the
toys and the attention from her new family. Her brother Harley did what all young males do and
spent a little time pouting. Anya and Harley are getting to know each other and quickly becoming
friends. One look at the pictures above and you can see that they are relaxed with each other,
especially after a long day of play. One of the first things on the list for Anya, a manicure, pink
toenails look good on her.
Coco and Licorice have found their forever home, They now have their own yard looking out at the lake that I am sure they will
be taking a dip in before the end of the summer. They jumped in their new car and slept all the way to their new home. We had
told the new owners that we could not find anything negative about this pair. The new owner told us that she is a "wait and see
for herself" kind of person. We got the call a day later saying that we were right, this is a wonderful pair of Dobes. Enjoy the
snow next winter you two, there will be a lot of it where you now live.
Unfortunately Sequoia had to come back to Dobe
Rescue when her owner was deployed overseas,
This poor girl has been moved around so much
that we felt we had to keep her in the Dobe
Rescue family for the remainder of her life.
Sequoia is now living with our President, Daisy.
Sequoia has become accustomed to the cats and
other dogs running around the house and is
doing fine.
Ty is a lucky dog that was removed from a cold,dark
shed in the midst of winter, he was underweight
and full of worms. Rescue had Ty treated and got
him on his way to a healthy life. Ty's new parents
took care of the rest and have him looking like a
Doberman Pinscher should look.
Rocky had a rough start in life
with a family that did not
understand him, then a
lengthy stay with rescue.
Rocky came to us underweight
and full of worms. Rocky is
now happy and healthy with
his new family and house
buddy, a female Dobe. We are
sure that Rocky will have
many happy and healthy
years to come.
CJ is enjoying his life with the new family. They can not say enough about what a
wonderful Doberman he has grown to be. CJ is the definition of the term "velcro
As you can see in the pic below, Anya's right eye has some serious problems. We are taking Anya to the specialist on August 3rd to see if we can save
the eye. At this time she is only able to see shadows and some movement. There is a cataract, and she has advanced glaucoma that was never
treated. When we took her in, the pressure in the eye was double what it should have been. This poor dog was walking around with a constant
headache. If you would like to donate for Anya's medical costs, or donate a toy or some food for her, click on the contact us tab and make a choice.