Hi John!!
Here are a couple images of Okie, We cannot say how
much of a wonderful family dog he really is. He does
have his crazy streak but all together we couldn't
imagine life without him.
Copper has turned out to be a great looking
Dobe! He loves going to the cottage with his
family to enjoy the summer days.
Maya is getting used to her
new home nicely. Maya has
already been out on the
pontoon boat with the family
and even in the water
swimming! Way to go Maya!!

Georgia is the sweetest Doberman
you'll ever meet.  You can see it in
her eyes :)

Jim and Michele Schneider, Grand
Rapids, MI
Dilau has been with his new
family for some time now and
although  he has some
behaviors  such as a little
digging in the kitchen garbage
and a little counter surfing all
we can say to that is KNOCK
IT OFF! Stop being a brat.
Dilau is well loved and cared
for in his new home.
Trevor is now named Ruger and as the
pic shows,he loves his Daddy. Ruger
had a rough start in his new home with
a fracture to one of his front legs. The
vet advised to remove the leg. NO
WAY! With proper rest,care and
attention by his family for quite some
time,Ruger is up and running on all
four paws. WAY TO GO! Any of you
that know when you pull the trigger on
a Ruger,you get whats coming at ya! In
this case it is a full grown awesome
looking Doberman at great speed,also
part of the reason he got in trouble in
the first place, Ruger was a busy little
guy when he was with us, LOOK AT
THAT HEAD NOW! Our boy is all
grown up.
What better home for a rescue
dog than with an owner that is  
dedicated  to saving the lives of
Rush has been coming along nicely with his new
family,As you can see here he is a very happy
Doberman and will be turning two this week.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUSH! Enjoy your party and
special day. Rush came to us do to some very
unique circumstances and from the looks of it he is
enjoying his new life in his new forever home. The
past is gone, move on boy and never look back.
Whatever you
were chasing
we hope you
caught it.
have him looking so good you can barely tell he was once almost bald. Obi also has
a new friend named Sasha. The pic above is of their first meeting. We believe there
will be a healthy bond between them for years to come.
Reiker with mange
Reiker after treatment
Some people say that there is no treatment for mange, Look above, this is what can
be done with proper care and treatment. Want to know how? Contact us and we can
give the advice needed
Ty came to us severely underweight and full of
worms, Now with the love and attention of his owners
he is on the right track to a healthy life.
Ty - May 2014
Luna is the newest Spears in
the house. This was not a
planned adoption but with her
taste for people, this is the
best home for her.
Charlie Brown made it through his separation anxiety and has grown to be one heck
of a dog! He still lets the little dog from next door push him around but that is his
choice. Read the separation anxiety page of this website to learn his story.
obviously getting along with his house mates. Way to go!