We are often contacted regarding assistance for people with finding a new home for their Doberman. If we have space we may be able to take your dog right
away. We have a surrender form that You will be required to sign relinquishing your rights to the dog and giving us full ownership. Before making that step, here
are some things to think about.

Your dog is your responsibility, whether you bought it from a breeder,adopted him from a shelter, took him in as a stray, or assumed care after a friend or relative
could no longer provide for him. This is your dog, you made a commitment to him, he loves and trusts you. Re-homing him is going to be a traumatic event for
him no matter what we do to try to help, He does not understand what is happening to him and he is going to have a rough time even though finding a new home
really is the best decision for him. He depends on you to make the best decisions for him now, more than ever. You need to make the right choices for his future.

You WILL NOT find a good home for your Doberman on Craig's list. This is guaranteed. As experienced rescue people will tell you, From interviewing potential
adopters,knowing what to ask,what to listen for,and what to check and how to handle UN expected surprises. Most people looking for dogs on Craig's list are
those that have been rejected by responsible rescue groups or are purposely trying to avoid the adoption process. They know we will check their references, call
their vet and even check their home.

It usually takes us at least a couple of months to find a quality home for a Doberman with somebody that will properly care for him for the rest of his life. If you
think that you will find a good home with a stranger you met on Craig's list, or any social media websites, and you think it will be a good home for your dog,
chances are you are wrong. People know what to say to make themselves sound good and they will usually want to meet you at a store parking lot or some where
similar for your "convenience" when the reality is they do not want you to see their home. Nearly all of them have bad intentions,Dog fighters like to use
Doberman as bait dogs (they tie them to a tree with their mouths taped shut so the fighting dog can rip them to pieces). Others want a cheap guard dog and beat
the dog to "make it mean". They may send a women or child to give the appearance that it will be a family pet.

Shelters were created for the care of abandoned, stray and abused animals. The are not meant to be a drop off for people who no longer want to keep their
pets. Only the youngest,cutest,friendliest,and best behaved dogs get adopted through animal control. Doberman rarely find good homes through animal control.
Shelters are required to hold stray dogs for a certain number of days before putting them up for adoption or killing them. If you turn your dog in, they do not have
to hold it for any time and may kill it as soon as you walk out the door. If your dog is old, has health problems, or does not do well with strangers, his chances are
not good. It is more likely your dog will wind up dead then in a new home if surrendered to a shelter.

Our rescue is not a "kennel". Doberman Rescue is a group of dedicated volunteers that open their hearts and their homes to abandoned, abused and needy
Dobes. If you surrender your dog to us the first thing we are going to ask is

1. Is the dog spayed or neutered?
If not Dobe rescue will have this done when we take possession of the dog

2.  Do you have up to date vaccination records.
Having up to date records helps us to determine if we need to have your dog taken to the vet to have him brought up to date on his shots.

3. Is he currently on any heart worm preventative?
Again, this could mean a trip to the vet

4.  Is he on any  other medications or supplements
This will help to keep his care the best he deserves.

If you absolutely can not keep your dog and we do not have space, we can advertise your dog on our site, interview potential adopters and pass the information
along to you. As soon as available space in one of our foster homes becomes available we would contact you. Although most of the requests we receive claim
that the dog must be out of the home IMMEDIATELY true emergency's of this nature are few and far between and generally reflect poor planning on the part of
the owner. How can we be sympathetic that you have to have your dog out NOW when you moved in to a home that does not allow pets. You would not move to a
home that did not allow children if you had a two year old. Why move to a home that does not allow a Doberman when YOU OWN a Doberman.

Take a hard look at your reasons for giving up your dog. Now is the time for true soul searching. Are you being forced to give up your dog? Or do you just not
want to deal with him any longer. We often here that the dog deserves better or he has too much energy or I don't have enough time for him. This is not your
dogs fault, He had no say coming into this relationship. You are the only family he knows and being sent away will be hard on him. Being passed around leads to
emotional and behavioral problems that may turn your loving friend into a fear biter or bring out other behaviors that may end up having your dog being killed.
There is no family with a farm waiting for all the homeless doggies to come run in the fields forever. When dogs are not wanted they are killed. With time and
effort, a loving family could be found for your Doberman, But is it necessary? Is there something else you can do to help make your family and your dog a better

If he is to energetic, Have you tried play dates with other dogs? Throwing a ball until he is tired? How about agility class?

If he is destructive or too much to handle, have you taken him to an obedience class? We can recommend good classes.

If you work long hours, have you considered a pet sitter coming in to walk him every day?

Remember, Adopting a dog is a commitment. They do more than eat, sleep and poop. They need exercise and mental stimulation and it is your responsibility to
give it to them. Remember There is no better thing than a tired Doberman.

If you still feel you have to surrender your dog to us you will be required to sign a surrender form. This means once we have taken possession of your dog and
you have signed the form, You can not call back in two hours and say you changed your mind and you want your dog back. The form is legal and binding.
Remember, You are giving up your dog to us. Once this happens we ask that you do not call to "check up" on your dog. It is no longer "your dog" your gave him
to us. We will provide the love,care, and protection that he or she needs and deserves. Continual calls are not necessary. I know its difficult to surrender your
dog, but once we take possession of your dog,
we will not take calls regarding the surrendered dog.  Please understand we are trying to move forward with this transition and any contact from you complicates
this process.  So please, don't call us regarding "our " dog, because we will not take these calls!   He or she will be going to a good home!  
Submit the form below,call 586-362-8496 and leave a message,or send an email to surrendermydoberman@dobermanrescueofmi.net one of our volunteers will
reply to discuss options to get your dog to us. If Dobe Rescue does take your Dobie to find him/her a new home. It is thoughtful that as a last gesture of your
Please consider making a donation to help pay for his/her care. We depend on donations from the public to pay for food, vet care, and
treats for our rescue doberman. You may also consider bringing a box of cookies, a bag of ProPlan savor shredded chicken and rice or any kong
toy when surrendering your dog to our rescue.
Dogs Name
Is the dog neutered?
Are the ears cropped?
Is the tail docked?
Is he/she been kept inside or out?
Color -. Black,Red,Fawn?
Current on Vaccinations?
If no,are you able to have this done?
Is the dog good with children?
Is the dog good with other dogs?
Does the dog like cats?
Are there any current medical issues?
that need to be addressed ?
Any past injuries or illnesses?
If yes, please describe
Which best describes your dog?
Escape artist,couch potato,athlete
Has the dog ever bitten anyone?
If yes, please describe.
Is the dog a Purebred Doberman?
Your Name
Email address
Telephone number
Your Address
Please describe your reason for
wanting to surrender to Dobe Rescue.
Are you able to make a monetary
donation to aid in the care and feeding
of the dog while staying with us?
"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life,his love, his leader. He will be yours faithful and true,to the
last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."
– Unknown
Are you considering surrendering your doberman because of a health or behavior problem such as a female that has been having incontinence problems? Or
do you have a dog that likes to eat feces and this is something you just can not tolerate?  Do you have a young dog that has endless energy and is getting
himself in trouble? Most of these issues are easily corrected with a little time and energy,and maybe a second diagnosis from a qualified veterinarian or trainer.  
Feel free to contact one of our volunteers at 248-685-9111 or 586-362-8496 and just maybe we can give you a little guidance or a reference to a qualified
professional  that can address your issue. We prefer to help you avoid a decision to give up your beloved pet. Not all trainers are familiar to the Doberman
breed we have a list of professional trainers that know the breed well and train not only the dog but also the owner.

This is not a breed that can be managed by just anyone and sadly not all humans are meant to own Doberman Pinschers.
Just because it did not work out does not always mean failure.
Due to a lack of volunteers and
willing homes that can foster
rescue Doberman Pinschers,
Dobe Rescue will be unable to
take in owner surrender or
shelter transfer dogs until further
notice. We will continue to take
in stray dobes as well as those
in life threatening situations.